Hynik Alviera Air Purifier

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  • HANDS DOWN BEST VALUE & CHEAP FILTER REPLACEMENT: The same true HEPA filtration as purifiers 2x, 5x, 10x more expensive. Pristine air without breaking the bank! Other affordable purifiers make up the difference in filters. Not Hynik! Same great value with zero corners cut in quality.
  • SOOTHE ASTHMA + ALLERGY + HAY FEVER: Filters pollen, wildfire smoke, pollution, bacteria, mold spores, dust, pet allergens, food smells, unpleasant odors and more… in minutes! The H13 True HEPA Filter works alongside the Pre-Filter and High-Efficiency Activated Carbon Filter to capture 99.97% of airborne particles 0.3 microns.
  • LESS ENERGY THAN A LIGHTBULB: Meets the strict requirements set by the EPA. 24/7 clean air guilt-free! Built-in advanced Quietter Gen 2.0 noise reduction technology, maintains 24db noise at the lowest speed, ensuring Alviera won’t disturb your sleep.
  • SUPER EASY AND FAST SET-UP: Modern aesthetic with easy-to-use touch screen. Fits anywhere and features wide coverage with SWEEP360° air-duct design. Alviera refreshes the air 5 times per hour in rooms as large as 219 ft² / 20 m², 3 times per hour in rooms as large as 397t² / 37 m².
  • ADD YOUR FAVORITE ESSENTIAL OILS & COME WITH SLEEP EYE MASK: Aromatherapy lovers can optionally add their favorite essential oils to the scented aroma pad to quickly create the ultimate atmosphere. Come with sleep air mask. Fresh air + relief essential oils blending + sleep eye mask = excellent sleep.


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1239 reviews for Hynik Alviera Air Purifier

  1. Sun Lee

    Easy to set up! Seems light

  2. Karla Estrada

    Just got it excited !

  3. Bonita Kneeland

    Easy for traveling to our winter home.

  4. kristen morris

    Easy to assemble. Quiet.

  5. Victor Filice Valeska

    The 3rd Setting is a bit loud.

  6. Mia Paulsen

    Filter is great! Very quiet and reliable.

  7. Tracy Edger

    I loved it right up until I changed the filter yesterday and now the red filter light won’t stop flashing no matter what I do.
    I’ll figure it out but right now it’s frustrating.

  8. Tracy Edger

    So quiet, easy to set up, good instructions.
    I loved it right up until I changed the filter yesterday and now the red filter light won’t stop flashing no matter what I do.
    I’ll figure it out but right now it’s frustrating.

  9. Haxelle LeMonnier

    Haven’t had it for long enough to know of it truly works but I love how compact it is and the option to put in scents. The super soft sleep mask was a nice bonus gift. Super fast delivery. Fingers crossed for great results

  10. Emily Welch

    Works great and quickly. Love it. Surprisingly sufficient for the size.

  11. Mikell Osburn

    Just got the product today. Easy set up.

  12. Kevin r Engle

    Works great so far had it for 2 months

  13. Michelle Bauer

    I noticed a difference in the air quality with in the first day

  14. Omar Hyatt

    Quiet and works well

  15. Caitlyn Moreno

    My allergies are better after just one day!

  16. Andrea Lincoln

    This is a very nice and quiet air filter. I love it!

  17. Meredith Cheesebrew

    Really pleased with this HEPA filter. I plugged it in and let in run for 2 hours in a 12 foot by 12 foot space and there was a noticable fresh feeling to the room. It’s very quiet and I like that there’s the option to turn off the lights. I’d recommend it to a friend

  18. Layne Williams

    We love it! It has helped with having two dogs in the house

  19. Holler ido

    It’s ok. The vent of the air purifier make once in a while noise like it’s not ok. I think the fan is not good

  20. Frank yonker

    I like the product. Easy to set up and easy to clean

  21. Deborah A Bowers

    Just received in mail and plugged it in, So far so good.

  22. Donna A Samford

    We have already noticed a big improvement in the quality of the air in our home.

  23. Kyley Emmons

    I haven’t really had a chance to use it.

  24. Truong phong

    It’s quiet when comparing to other brand.

  25. Sunny Kuo

    It was a compact small purifier! Good for the price and nice to put it on at night during sleep.

  26. Andrew Medina

    haven’t used yet – this is an odd question at registration

  27. Steven Bell

    Very quiet operation and can feel the difference in the air.

  28. Alan To

    I like how light the air purifier is and it is the perfect size for my room. Thank you very much!

  29. Jeffery Sherry

    So far so good. I really am enjoying the product

  30. Paul M. Noyes

    I’m very pleased with this air purifier. It does a great job in my office and is a great value for the money.

  31. Nick Zerner

    Product seems to do a decent job

    The essential oils aspect of it does not seem to smell no matter how much oil is applied to the pad though

  32. Elizabeth Noyes

    I ran it for 8 hours in my bedroom with the door closed before retiring that first night. The difference was immediately noticeable. The air was cleaner and very pleasant. I loved it so much that I bought a second one for my husband’s office.

  33. Amy Hung

    Great air filter. Quiet and doesn’t take up a lot of space.

  34. Gena L Bates

    Am happy with product. Use in small bedroom. Cats and dogs in my home. I may purchase another one for living room..

  35. William Bowders

    I purchased a second Hynik Alviera Air Purifier for my rec. room, the one I have for my bedroom works great. The Hynik Air Purifier is definitely worth the purchase price, I saw very good results within 24 hours after I started it up, My sinuses were clear, I defiantly recommend this item. It is very quiet on number 1 & 2 fan speed, even number 3 fan speed is not bad.

  36. Desarae Turner

    Very nice packaging and very easy to set up. Great quality

  37. Joe Wortman

    Works great in my computer lab! Excellent product!

  38. Andrea Aguilar

    I like my air filter it makes me feel for comfortable knowing the air I breath is being filtered and it does feel more fresh in my room

  39. Caner Gungor

    I love the product. It’s awesome.

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