Hynik Alviera Air Purifier

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  • HANDS DOWN BEST VALUE & CHEAP FILTER REPLACEMENT: The same true HEPA filtration as purifiers 2x, 5x, 10x more expensive. Pristine air without breaking the bank! Other affordable purifiers make up the difference in filters. Not Hynik! Same great value with zero corners cut in quality.
  • SOOTHE ASTHMA + ALLERGY + HAY FEVER: Filters pollen, wildfire smoke, pollution, bacteria, mold spores, dust, pet allergens, food smells, unpleasant odors and more… in minutes! The H13 True HEPA Filter works alongside the Pre-Filter and High-Efficiency Activated Carbon Filter to capture 99.97% of airborne particles 0.3 microns.
  • LESS ENERGY THAN A LIGHTBULB: Meets the strict requirements set by the EPA. 24/7 clean air guilt-free! Built-in advanced Quietter Gen 2.0 noise reduction technology, maintains 24db noise at the lowest speed, ensuring Alviera won’t disturb your sleep.
  • SUPER EASY AND FAST SET-UP: Modern aesthetic with easy-to-use touch screen. Fits anywhere and features wide coverage with SWEEP360° air-duct design. Alviera refreshes the air 5 times per hour in rooms as large as 219 ft² / 20 m², 3 times per hour in rooms as large as 397t² / 37 m².
  • ADD YOUR FAVORITE ESSENTIAL OILS & COME WITH SLEEP EYE MASK: Aromatherapy lovers can optionally add their favorite essential oils to the scented aroma pad to quickly create the ultimate atmosphere. Come with sleep air mask. Fresh air + relief essential oils blending + sleep eye mask = excellent sleep.


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1818 reviews for Hynik Alviera Air Purifier

  1. Stephanie Miles

    So far I love it! In fact, I love it so much I’m getting ready to purchase a second one.

  2. Rachel Hendershot

    Very easy to set up and use. Nice and quiet.

  3. David Brown

    Very good so far. It’s working well, and not that loud which I like. Hope it lasts forever!

  4. Daniel Carr

    Great price, easy setup, small footprint, and blends well with most environments.

  5. Tiffany Ammons

    Love the product. Small yet powerful.

  6. Elizabeth Feliz

    Beautiful, quiet, potential and big that what expect.
    I really really like it.

  7. Jeremy Rodriguez

    It makes the air more breathable and I know now that I don’t have to worry about what I breath

  8. Sydney Noelle Chettle

    Haven’t used yet can update review later

  9. Crisman John

    This product is easy to use and quiet. It has different fan levels 1-3, has a timer 2hrs, 4hrs, and 8hrs. It also has a night light. Tried it in my basement and it help removed smell of mold.
    I will recommend this product.

  10. Judith E Chavez

    I just received the product a few days ago still learning how to use it, I am hoping for a great results, I have horrible allergies so I’m counting on all the dust and pond to be removed out of my room.

  11. Priscilla porianda

    This is good so far I don’t know why you require this

  12. Erneliza B Jugo

    Its value for money!

  13. Skyler Bufford

    It’s small and mighty!! We moved into a small apartment and are both allergic to cigarette smoke, so we needed one of these to get the smoke out of the air. It’s working great so far!

  14. Jackie Schaub

    So far the air purifier is working great. I have it in my toddlers room to help with smells and purify the air.

  15. Ashton

    Noticeable difference in the air for my office!

  16. Janice Streeter

    Just tecrived this product, will be setting up and trying asap.

  17. Christina Vavrecka

    Can’t wait to use! The reviews looked great for this product!

  18. Annette Flancher

    Can totally feel the difference in the air…its nice compact & isn’t loud even on high speed. Definitely need another one

  19. Heather Chandler

    I just received it and it works great! I notice a real difference in my bedroom. Thanks!!

  20. Samya

    I just got it I don’t know if I like it or not dam

  21. Vonnie Novosad

    Bought two for an old home. So far so good

  22. Turquoise Jones

    Helps tremendously with my pet allergies. 10/10 recommended

  23. Dom C

    Quiet at lowest setting, Still trying it out since it only came in today. Very simple to setup, will have to see how it does overnight and at higher settings.

  24. Brigitte Hieronimus

    I was pleasantly surprised how well it actually helped clear the air,how quietly it ran and how much it helped by just keeping the air more free of Allergens.It definitely gives me a good night sleep and no stuffy nose waking up and less sneezing and/or watery eyes during day.Love the timer function and air speed plus the free eye mask and nice stickers which were included also.Another plus, I can use essential oils to fill the room with my favorite scent,2 extra Aroma pads included.Just the right size for my Computer/Bedroom and fits right on my Desk.

  25. Brandon Narvaez

    Seems like a quality product already

  26. Alexa Dietsch-Jones

    Very sleek and easy to set up

  27. Elizabeth Wheeler

    It seems like a great product so far. I lit an incense in my room then left & came back & all I smelt was the oil from the filter.

  28. Dean Grauer

    Came fast. Was only packaged in the manufacturers box, but that was enough, no damage. Easy to install the filter and simple instructions for use. Seems well built, and seems to do what it was intended to do. I would recommend. I’ll probably buy another for my office.

  29. Natalie Reader

    Nice design. Perfect for a bedroom!

  30. Suzanne Sausedo

    I just received my product. So far I’m loving it

  31. Emily Thompson

    Great so far! Easy to use.

  32. Laurie Yuenger

    Seems to work well, relatively quiet.

    Con- Couldn’t find replacement filters on amazon or elsewhere (we have really bad fires here now, so wanted to get some so we would have them on hand when needed).

  33. Frank Padilla

    Good filter very quiet

  34. tina rybin

    works great, would like the essential oil pad to work a little better

  35. Adriana ortiz

    Ready to set-up and it’s quiet.

  36. Sonya Graham

    I just received it so don’t know what the long-term benefits will be, but am happy so far. It was very easy to assemble and is very quiet. Even at the highest setting the fan is still fairly quiet, just more of a white noise effect. Have it set on #2 right now in my office and it’s so quiet that I’ve checked a couple times to make sure it’s running, The touch screen is easy to understand and makes it very simple to operate. I like that it doesn’t take up too much space.

  37. Brian Shouldice

    Air purifier seems to work quite well.

  38. yalala ashwini kumar

    I have this filter in my bedroom to cut down on dust and just have cleaner air. I run my ceiling fan to stir the air in the room and run the filter for hours at a time during the day at high speed. Remember to clean the air, the air must move around the room and go through the filter. Now I can see almost no dust in the sunbeams that come through my window anymore, whereas before I could always see a lot of dust.

  39. Merrily Steinbrecher

    This is the forth day using it and it works pretty good. Love the added feature of essential oils pad in bottom. Wondering if you make a larger unit for living room?

  40. Roberta Ouellette

    Easy to set up and works well.


    We completely satisfied with this product. I would strongly recommend this product!

  42. Michele White

    I appreciate the fact the air purifier is simple to use and comes with an excellent manual and customer support if I have any problems.
    The scent disk and ebook on blending essential oils was a very nice addition

  43. Keerti Yalala

    This little is one of the most powerful fans for its size I have ever owned! It’s perfect for my bedside table or my desk and even on my side table next to my bed. I would definitely recommend.

  44. Merido Martinez

    Very nice product. The air smells really different

  45. TySheena Baxter

    Great product easy to use

  46. Anurag Jain

    worked right out of box. nice little compact air purifier and fan. welcome fresh air!!

  47. Mirvette Kadhi

    I love it, the air is so much cleaner! And is great for my bedroom

  48. Joshua A Baffoe

    I absolutely love the packaging! The product is very good! I really like the quality and how easy it is to use!

  49. Zoë Heath

    So far so good! I just plugged it in today.

  50. Ali Ekrem San

    It is perfect device i have ever use! Super quiet and fancy.

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