Hynik Alviera Air Purifier

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  • HANDS DOWN BEST VALUE & CHEAP FILTER REPLACEMENT: The same true HEPA filtration as purifiers 2x, 5x, 10x more expensive. Pristine air without breaking the bank! Other affordable purifiers make up the difference in filters. Not Hynik! Same great value with zero corners cut in quality.
  • SOOTHE ASTHMA + ALLERGY + HAY FEVER: Filters pollen, wildfire smoke, pollution, bacteria, mold spores, dust, pet allergens, food smells, unpleasant odors and more… in minutes! The H13 True HEPA Filter works alongside the Pre-Filter and High-Efficiency Activated Carbon Filter to capture 99.97% of airborne particles 0.3 microns.
  • LESS ENERGY THAN A LIGHTBULB: Meets the strict requirements set by the EPA. 24/7 clean air guilt-free! Built-in advanced Quietter Gen 2.0 noise reduction technology, maintains 24db noise at the lowest speed, ensuring Alviera won’t disturb your sleep.
  • SUPER EASY AND FAST SET-UP: Modern aesthetic with easy-to-use touch screen. Fits anywhere and features wide coverage with SWEEP360° air-duct design. Alviera refreshes the air 5 times per hour in rooms as large as 219 ft² / 20 m², 3 times per hour in rooms as large as 397t² / 37 m².
  • ADD YOUR FAVORITE ESSENTIAL OILS & COME WITH SLEEP EYE MASK: Aromatherapy lovers can optionally add their favorite essential oils to the scented aroma pad to quickly create the ultimate atmosphere. Come with sleep air mask. Fresh air + relief essential oils blending + sleep eye mask = excellent sleep.


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1818 reviews for Hynik Alviera Air Purifier

  1. Rose Laughlin

    It is great! I like it

  2. Nicole khan

    Good and reliable I like it

  3. Hemant Gopal

    Loved the air purifier. Works really well. Has a compact design and looks really great.

  4. Hemant Gopal

    Really great purifier. It has a compact design and is very effective. Love the design.

  5. Amy Singer

    Reasonable price and easy to use

  6. Linda Sherrod

    Very quiet. I use it in a cat area and it cleans the air well.

  7. Sheroll Toruno

    Well I just got it today so I do not have much to say. But I really love that I could get an extra filter!

  8. Lisa Wanner

    It is very quite and I can already tell the difference

  9. Linas Gintautas

    I just started using it

  10. Jacob Long

    The set up was easy. The instructions were clear and easy to follow. I appreciate purchasing a product that makes it easy to use the product.

  11. Shreya Dubey

    it makes the room feel really fresh

  12. Katherine Dilling

    The Hynik Alviera Air Purifier was easy to set up, is very quiet, I have my unit set on 2, and is just the right size. The instructions are easy to understand and I like that the buttons are on the top. I’m very satisfied with this unit.

  13. Annisa

    Living in LA means terrible air quality and I feel like my space feels so much cleaner!

  14. Lauri hosio

    Seems pretty good. No complaints

  15. Brian Scott Paul

    Great product. Very quiet and well designed. Perfect for a dorm room

  16. Kerrian Miller

    Product arrived good. Looking forward to using it.

  17. Adan Rodriguez

    Best air purifier I’ve ever used, super simple yet effective.

  18. Ciara Reyes

    This air purifier has helped immensely with the dust and pet odor in our home. It is so quiet, even on high. The size is perfect for a tabletop or in a bedroom.

  19. Clare Welch

    A super cool product, I’m a big fan.

  20. Amanda St Clair

    Makes a difference in the air quality of my room.

  21. Ihsaan Bearthes

    Left running for 20 minutes with some essential oil the air felt fresher.

  22. Pat Turner

    This product makes the air so much better to breath.

  23. Carly Owens

    It’s so quiet but effective!


    These arrived today. It was a quick 2-day shipping from Amazon. I have both units up and running filtering the air in my house. I have one in my master bedroom and one in the living room. They look well-made and are very attractive.

  25. Jaclyn DiCapua

    I love how compact but efficient this air filter is!

  26. Patricia Maisano

    It’s quiet and very effective. I also like the ability to oil.

  27. Jo Ann Bennett

    I purchased this Hynik Alviera Air Purifier for my bedroom, because I have significant allergies to outdoor pollen. Pollen always gets inside the house. After I set the purifier up and turned it on, I was surprised. The air coming out smelled fantastically fresh. I never ever thought my bedroom smelled bad, but now it smells fresh.

  28. Mark Master

    Just received and started using it today for a smoker in the house. Will see what effect it actually has over time

  29. Natalie

    Great filter! Works well!

  30. Kelly Porter

    I got this air purifier 5 months ago and love it! It’s quiet and consistent white noise while purifying the air. I really love the ability to add my essential oils to it to help me sleep. I also love getting a free filter for taking the time to do a review! I will definitely buy again!

  31. Serena Mahoney

    I just purchased this, so I’m not really qualified to review at this time. I definitely will leave a review after using this product for awhile. However, I can say that I like the look of the air purifier. It’s small enough to sit on a dresser, nightstand or in the corner of the room and isn’t an eye sore.

  32. Chonlada Tivitmahaisoon

    It ran quietly and was easy to assemble.

  33. Amy Costa

    Good machine. No problems at all!

  34. John Samulenas

    Fan low speed in very quiet!

  35. Oritta Palmer

    It’s quiet. Just bought it so I don’t have much to say about how it works. But so far so good. The he delivery was better than I expected, so far I’m loving it

  36. Kristi Johnson

    Works great in small bedrooms

  37. Arlene martin

    Great for clean air after basement flooding

  38. Michael P Horecka


  39. M Weiderspon

    Works as advertised, the room it is installed isn’t that big in but it took a short while (1 month) to really make a difference.

  40. Jonathon Stuart

    I was not sure what to expect, but the air feels crisper and cleaner than it did before the filter. It feels like it pulls the cat hair from everywhere to keep it from sticking to everything !

  41. Corry Lefebvre

    I’ve enjoyed this in my room. My last set of filters I purchased didn’t last but a week or 2. Hoping this filter is better.

  42. Thongxay Rattanaxay

    I produce work really good and it keep my rv room clean air

  43. James Glassen

    Looks nice works well

  44. Irene

    I love thé Hynik air purifier so much that I got an extra one for the living room!


    Purchased for dorm room. Perfect size. Easy assembly.

  46. Alice Zhu

    Pretty good condition, working quietly as expected

  47. Alyssa Persson

    It works great and is quiet

  48. Christine Dady

    Easy to use
    Price point great
    Given it’s very new ot seems to work great!

  49. Maleah Forbes

    My daughter used this in her dorm and it helped keep the dust level down.

  50. Nay

    I absolutely loved this air purifier!! I can actually breathe!!

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